Push Your Limits

Skinny-barre uses low weight (2-3 lbs), lots of reps and your own resistance.

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Skinny Barre Classes

A spin off of the famous Lotte Berk method. Skinny-barre uses isometric holds and one inch movements to shape and define the muscles, reaching all of the traditional problem areas- thigh, seat, abs, waistline and arms- in one class.

Hot Pilates Bootcamp

This class fuses pilates mat with cardio style exercises using your own body weight. In a room heated to approx 95 degrees, you will torch calories, sweat, shape and define your total body.

Introducing Lovering Studio

Lovering Studio is an affordable, warm and inviting atmosphere where practitioners can not only take barre classes, but various forms of yoga, bodyshred and private classes. 

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